Avoid Tappers With These Softwares

Avoid Tappers With These Softwares


To try this application, please check out the website Voylent (www.voylent.com). Close to that, this application is made without the display screen, so it cannot get rid of with the usual method. It could be removed by setting up the uninstaller application.

Flexi Guard

In addition to having a pest application, Flexi Spy that ever discussed by PULSA provides an application that called Anti-Tapping Flexi Shield also. By this webwatcher mspy

application, all interaction tasks can be protected. The capability to obstruct incoming get in touch with the phonebook get in touches with was offered this application. To obtain this shareware application, please visit FlexySpy.com.


For cell phones as well as PDA-phone individuals that based upon Windows Mobile, SecureGSM webwatcher mspy application is available. the procedure practically same as Cellcrypt, only with making use of slightly various means.

Citadel TEXT

To shield your SMS messages as well as e-mails, Symbian individuals can depend on Citadel SMS applications. The receiver is certainly cannot open up the message if it does not recognize the search phrase. Sent messages could be opened if the receiver goes into the ideal keyword. However, the recipient’s phone needs to have TEXT Citadel applications.


SMS file encryption application not only readily available for the mobile phone that has OS, however additionally have not. Security capacities not only for SMS but can likewise be made use of for data on mobile phones.

Avoid Tappers With These Softwares

Alternate Ways

Nowadays, a number of the regional branded phone has a one-of-a-kind program generally for voice changer. One of them is IMO G531 branded smartphone with its features MAGIC NOISE. Although produced for ‘enjoyable’ as well as FUN, includes voice changer could utilize to prevent us from tapping. Voice changer will alter the regularity of your voice to ensure that it can transform into more tiny or large, others seem to like the initial audio so you could not acknowledge the other person. IMO G531 Magic Sound activation in this can be done following we get to the location. As soon as turned on, the phone can be sure the recipient is tough to identify the owner of the voice.

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